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Image Manipulation: Photoshop Image manipulation is an important part of the digital world. This use to product production online and offline like eCommerce, advertisement, magazines, magazine cover image, on billboards, on a brochure, garment product, buying house, leaflet, book cover, newspaper, in TV commercials show, etc. This era of Photoshop it’s a look like magic software. If you expert in Photoshop you will be able to make a young boy change his look like 60 years old. So photo manipulation is engaged to create a better photo and enhancing image quality. Manipulation can give you a better view edited image than the original image. We believe that photo manipulation is a good way to expose your expertise.

Benefits of Image Manipulation: Photoshop photo manipulation can improve your product sales. If you have eCommerce business manipulation service for you. Because it helps to catch potential customers. Manipulation creating a stunning idea about the product to targeted customers.

 Clipping Fast offer the Photo Manipulation:

Adding or removing people to group images

Red-eye editing

Changing eye color

Changing Image Background

Resizing – Cropping and Enlarging

Removing of jagged edges

Editing – removing, adding or replacing any objects

Spots and wrinkles removing

Adding watermarks to your images.

Remove watermark from your images

Convert your images into sketches, paintings or cartoons

Put the subject in a different environment

Converting photographs into paintings, sketches or cartoons

Adding missing people to a group or placing missing persons

Changing the color of the product

Background creation

Image popup with glowy texture for advertisement

Photo Manipulation for Advertising

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